• Loved learning more about God’s word.

    "The sessions were absolutely how I expected them to be and more.  Loved learning more about God's word. I found all topics useful because He sacrificed His life for our sins and i [...]

  • I wanted to restore my identity in Christ.

    "I tried not to have any pre-conceived ideas or expectations. I understood this would be an intensive study and teaching and it was all that and more. Session 13 - Are you dead [...]

  • God’s direction for my life became very clear

    "The sessions were way above my expectations, also very challenging, encouraging and gave clarity to my life. The most useful topics included the consequences of being disobedient.  How to live a spirit filled [...]

  • The 3 circle diagram has changed my prayer life

    "The sessions were beyond expectations. The 3 circle diagram has changed my prayer life. Everything was useful. I expected to meet with Jesus, soak in the word of God and be refreshed in [...]

    North Yorkshire
  • The atmosphere was very good and loving

    “My personal expectations were that my eyes would be opened to the word of God, and I would see things with new eyes in a way I have never seen before, that my [...]

  • I recommend this to everyone

    "I will be more deliberate and consistent in my witnessing. I appreciate the time spent at the Academy. It was a very practical experience with Pastor James, who always demonstrated servanthood and all [...]

    Pastor Owolona
  • All the sessions were helpful to me

    "The Academy met all my personal expectations Pastor James is a great Teacher, he explains the word in a way you can understand. The teaching has been great. All the sessions were helpful [...]

  • Confidence boosting for moving forward in Christ

    “We have to be Jesus to everyone. The course is very informative, soul searching, challenging and confidence boosting for moving forward in Christ. This is just what all the world needs right now, [...]

  • Thank you Pastor James

    “I found it very soul searching, challenging, very informative with plenty to study for my life going forward " In Christ" Thank you Pastor James."

  • I decided to return for a refresher course

    “Having been on the course once, I decided to return for a refresher course. I got to meet friends old and new, but most importantly spent time filling in gaps I had missed [...]

  • My plan is to try to do what God is calling me to do

    “I knew it was going to be deep and my expectations were met. My plan is to try to do what God is calling me to do. When Pastor was speaking, I wanted [...]

  • The course was excellent and challenging

    “All sessions were well delivered. It’s very easy to treat sections of the Bible in isolation. It was good to be reminded that every portion is part of the salvation account. My aim [...]

  • Being residential helped me immensely

    “Excellent teaching from Pastor James, very honest and open approach. Exceeded my expectations. I now have more confidence, regained my enthusiasm in witnessing and sharing the Gospel. Highly recommend this course, well organized, [...]

  • I didn’t want to go home

    “It was refreshing. My personal expectations were met. I want to be more like Jesus. Excellent fellowship, I didn’t want to go home.”

  • Lots of very unique content

    “Thought-provoking, challenging and refreshing. The session ‘Are You Dead Yet’ was powerful and sets you free. Lots of very unique content. I’ve come away from the Academy very excited, peaceful, and strong and [...]

  • My expectations have been surpassed

    “My expectations have been surpassed with new impactful insights which have been life-changing. This course is no ordinary evangelism course. This course has filled gaps in my knowledge, reminded me of so much [...]

  • You will leave never the same

    “Come hungry with an open heart and you will leave never the same. The teaching was such a revelation. As soon as I walked into Gospel Vision I felt at home.”