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Residential Academy of Evangelism - Servants School

Personal Details -- Please complete this section using capitals
Church Details -- Church name and roles/responsibilities
Course Details -- Reasons for applying, giftings and skills
Health Information -- Health and Medical Details (optional)
Costs -- Your Financial Responsibility

I understand that NO payment will be required for my Academy tuition fees and that this is a faith ministry. (The Gospel Vision Trustees firmly believe that where God guides, He also provides!) Should you desire to give a donation, this would be gratefully received as a blessing. Facilities -- Accommodation and Food

I also fully understand that IF I am accepted for a Residential place, I will either have a single private bedroom at £20.00 a night, or I will be sharing a twin bedroom at £15.00 per night.

Please note: The courses are divided into men’s/ladies’ weeks (residential), however the training is open to all particpants during the day.

I also understand that I will be responsible for preparing my own food, (cooking facilities are available at the academy).

Please note: All meals are to be consumed in the dining kitchen, and no food or hot drinks are allowed in the bedrooms There are numerous restaurants, bakeries, take-aways within walking distance of the academy Liabilities (please read carefully)

Release of Liability -- I do hereby release Gospel Vision, the Academy of Evangelism and the Servant’s School, it’s staff, agents, volunteers and assistants, from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage or loss sustained during my involvement with Gospel Vision, the Academy of Evangelism and the Servant’s School Acknowledgements

I understand that if I am not a U.K. resident, I will be responsible for my own medical insurance. I also understand that if I am accepted, I will be joining the servants’ school, learning to respect and appreciate others by being a servant and that this is an integral part of my personal training. Commitments

If accepted I promise to abide by the rules, commitments and all schedules of the Academy and Servants’ School to include:

1. Arriving at all Academy sessions and commitments on time, including prayer, worship, devotions, bible teaching and other events with my bible.

2. Attending all training sessions, classes and workshops that are part of my chosen course of study. With my bible, NOT IPhone or I pad

3. Attending and participating in all outreach and service activities

4. I agree as part of the course, to assisting with the practical requirements of the course.

5. Behaving well and being respectful to all as a good steward of the indwelling grace of God within me.

Signature -- Dear applicant, In signing, you agree to all the above, and do confirm that all the information given on this application is complete and accurate.
Contact Information

Gospel Vision, Academy of Evangelism and Servants’ School

142 Bradford Road, Idle, Bradford

West Yorkshire

BD10 8SA

Tel. No. 44 (0) 1274 620167



Charity No: 504140

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