Bradford, Yorkshire

Agenda: Day 2

Residential Academy of Evangelism - Servants School

Course Aims and Objectives:

The aim is for delegates to understand the Virgin Birth, Jesus the MAN and the Father-Son relationship, through the Eternal Spirit

Key objectives are:

Understanding the importance of hearing and knowing God’s voice

09.30 am


10.00 am

Welcome, Introductions and Objectives

Session 7: Jesus’ Origins

·         Jesus was born of a virgin, of the house of David, of the tribe of Judah, of the seed of Abraham.

11.15 am


11.30 am

Session 8: Jesus the MAN

12.45 pm


14.00 pm

Session 9: The Cross and the Grave

15.15 pm


15.30 pm

Session 10: The Resurrection

16.30 pm

Questions and Close