Agenda: Day 1

09.30 amTea/Coffee
10.00 amWelcome, Introductions and Objectives
Session 1:  M (1) Genesis Chapters 2-3
chapter 1 – when God made the world, He took one chapter of the bible and 31 verses.
Exodus 25 – 32 – God gives the dimensions of the Tabernacle to Moses, and in the 243 verses shows the importance God places on meeting with Him.
Exodus 25:17 – before you do anything Moses, build a mercy seat of pure gold and there will I meet with you once a year for all the people.
Genesis 1:25, 31 – God saw that it was good, and God saw everything that He had made, and behold it was very good.
11.15 amTea/Coffee
11.30 amSession 2:  M (1) The broken relationship with God
Man’s disobedience and the dire consequences which are a direct result of that disobedience.
12.45 pmLunch
14.00 pmSession 3: God’s plan to bring salvation into the “World”.  THE BIBLE FROM BEGINNING TO END
Session 4: When I see the blood.
15.15 pmTea/Coffee
15.30 pmSession 5: The day that YOU will never forget. (M3)
Session 6: YOU were brought OUT to go IN. (M3)
16.30 pmQuestions and Close

End of Agenda: Day 1

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The course is completely free. If you choose residential there will be some small contribution to cover our costs.  The full week course can be completed one day at a time over the different course dates.  Also, the course can be offered to a Church fellowship and can be run during the week on different days or at weekends.  The course is very flexible but the full week must be completed to receive the certificate to graduate.  Group interaction is very important and we set a minimum of ten students and a maximum of 15 to enable students to participate and get to know each other.