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The Academy was full for the January 2024 academy and the feedback below has been wonderful.  Here are three testimonies from the academy.

Martin –   Blackpool

“The sessions were way above my expectations, also very challenging, encouraging and gave clarity to my life.
The most useful topics included the consequences of being disobedient.  How to live a spirit filled life and not be a CINO = Christians in name only. I loved the fact that Pastor James brought everything  back to the 3 circles in all the teachings. All the topics were useful and i have started studying them all again, including the Scriptures that were given. The illustrations and relevant examples that Pastor James gave were great, because he used real life stories.
Everything from the well paced sessions that flowed evenly to the answering of questions and the useful information pack are 10/10
Everyone had to give a testimony it got people talking and brought people together.
My expectations were to sit under an anointed teacher – Pastor James and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to me, that’s exactly what happened.  Gods direction for my life became very clear.
As a result me and my wife are going to start a Saturday Night Gospel meeting in Blackpool praying for the sick and Preaching the gospel of salvation to the lost.
The only improvement i would make is to buy Pastor James a comfy Tall Chair that he can preach from it cannot be easy  standing up for 5 days of teaching.
My experience of the academy was life changing. I was encouraged by Pastor James through his teaching and the power of the holy spirit to use the Gifts he has given me. To step out for God and do what he tells me to do, to live a spirit filled life, walking in his resurrection power and step into the promised land.  The Christian life is not the easiest but it is the most exciting.”
Andrew – Rawdon
“I tried not to have any pre-conceived ideas or expectations.
I understood this would be an intensive study and teaching and it was all that and more.
Session 13 – Are you dead yet?  – helped me understand the difference between spiritual death, natural death and eternal death.
My personal expectations have both been met.
I wanted to refresh my understanding of the Gospel.
I wanted to restore my identity in Christ.
As a result  of attending the Academy i am going to get serious about reading the bible.  I will be more pro-active about praying with people.
Some sessions would benefit from a slower pace giving more time to make notes.”
Emma – Clayton


“The sessions were absolutely how i expected them to be and more.  Loved learning more about Gods word.
I found all topics useful because He sacrificed His life for our sins and i am blessed to have God as my Trusting Father.
The usefulness of the course in my christian life is 10/10 i am definitely coming back for the next course. The sessions were well paced and flowed evenly.
Pastor James answered all questions and the Lord is doing a marvellous work.
My expectations were how i expected them to be and more,  i have come away more blessed and more of the Holy Spirit in me.  God will continue to strengthen me as i move forward in my faith and spread Gods word to the lost.
no improvements are needed.
My life changed when i started to know God, i did backslide but after 6 years came back to the Lord and i haven’t looked back.  I do not need to fear no more for the Lord is with me as i share Gods Word.”